Logan Clendening: Canonizing an Irregular Saint
    published originally in The Baker Street Journal, December 1992.

Hounds Bounding: The Unleashing of Jay Finlay Christ

         a talk to Chicago’s Hounds of the Baskerville (sic) at our October 1993 annual dinner.

Richard Hughes and The Baritsu Chapter of the BSI
         originally a talk to The Five Orange Pips, in 1996, with additional material here.

“Entertainment and Fantasy”: The 1940 BSI Dinner
    published originally as the 1998 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual. Morley-
       Montgomery Award dinner for that year. Reprinted in “A Remarkable Mixture”
      (ed. by Steven Rothman, New York: Baker Street Irregulars, 2007).

Bill Starr’s Secret
       a fiftieth-anniversary talk to Philadelphia’s Sons of the Copper Beeches in May 1998.

The Pips, Then and Now
    published originally in the 1999 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual.

“Giants in the Earth”
    a talk at the 50th anniversary meeting of The Red Circle of Washington D.C. in 2000.

The BSI at Seventy
    published originally in the Sherlock Holmes Society of London’s Sherlock Holmes Journal,
        Winter 2003, and brought up to date in “Certain Rites, and Also Certain Duties.”

“It Is an Old House”
    published originally in The Baker Street Journal, Spring 2004.

“Cordially, Elmer Davis”
    delivered at the 2008 annual dinner of The Five Orange Pips.

Julian Wolff and Still Waters
    published originally in the Newsletter of the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections,
        University of Minnesota Libraries, December 2010.

The Ronald Knox Myth
    published in the Summer 2011 issue of The Sherlock Holmes Journal.

W.T. Rabe’s Sherlockian Who’s Who & What’s What
    from the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections newsletter, September 2011.

Beyond Coincidence
    a Five Orange Pips paper of historical interest, October 19, 2011, at the Grolier Club.

The Mystery of the Two Three Irregular Plates
    an unsolved mystery of extraordinary Irregular interest and significance, 
from today’s revived Saturday Review of Literature.

Christopher Morley’s 46W47 hideaway office
    a new discovery, in the form of a handout for the May 5, 2015, Christopher Morley Birthday Lunch of Linda & Terry Hunt’s Grillparzer Club of the Hoboken Free State.